Undergraduate research ideas

Why Undergraduate Research? Office of Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is a learning activity that enriches a students undergraduate experience.. When I applied for the IDEA grant, I wanted to pursue a project that was unlike any of the classroom...

  • Changing your perspective on ignorance and failure
  • Cultivating an understanding of research design and methodology
  • Developing a range of transferable skills
  • Exploring career and graduate education options

3 Ways to Encourage Independent Undergraduate Research

Independent undergraduate research is instrumental in preparing students for work they will encounter in graduate school. Here's how to mentor effectively.

  • What Should Immigration Policy Look Like?
  • 3 Ways to Encourage Independent Undergraduate Research
  • Tip #1 When encouraging independent undergraduate research, start small.
  • Tip #2 Book reviews are a great bridge to larger undergraduate research projects.

What is Undergraduate Research?

Undergraduate research experiences help students understand a particular topic or phenomenon in a field while simultaneously strengthening their comprehension of research and research methods.

  • Undergraduate Research Teaches Disciplinary Practice
  • Undergraduate Research is Engaged Learning
  • Undergraduate Research Can Take Many Forms
  • The undergraduate research experience may be the epitome of engaged learning (Lopatto, 2006).

How to Get an Undergraduate Research Position 12 Steps

As an undergraduate researcher, you can get hands-on experience in the area of your interest, learn skills and material that complements your course work, and get a feel for how science and research...

  • How to Get an Undergraduate Research Position
  • Part 1 of 2: Preparing Yourself and Searching For Options
  • Part 2 of 2: Applying for an Opportunity
  • Determine your area(s) of research interest.

How to Get Research Experience as an Undergraduate SNHU

Undergraduate research is similar. Following a research process, you can dive deep into an. Take your idea and construct a thesis statement. These one or two sentences will guide your project.

  • How to Get Research Experience as an Undergraduate
  • How Long Does It Take to Get a Bachelors Degree?
  • Why is Education Important and What Impact Has It Had on Your Life?
  • Picture an Online Degree at Your Own Pace

How to pitch a research idea to a professor as an undergraduate?

I have an idea which I'd like to work on with a professor at my university. In my initial email would it be arrogant to ask if he's interested in working with me on this particular topic (he's published some...

  • How to pitch a research idea to a professor as an undergraduate?

Undergraduate Research Student Engagement and NIU

Learn about undergraduate research at NIU and how you can benefit by joining a research project.. We know that undergraduate students have exciting ideas that are worth researching, and we're...

  • What most excites you about your research?
  • Why did you decide to conduct this research?
  • What excites you most about your research?
  • Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning

Explore Undergraduate Research Student Grants Research and

Undergraduate Research Student Grants support Stanford undergraduate projects.. Undergraduate Research does not fund expenses already covered by another funding source.

  • Will this project represent a part-time commitment?
  • Will this grant support a full-time summer project?
  • Will this grant support a conference presentation about a project you've already finished?
  • May 1, 2020 (Faculty Letters of Recommendation due May 7, 2020)

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