Sociology research project

Undergraduate Research Project Sociology UMass Amherst

The Department of Sociology encourages undergraduates to get involved in research. We provide research experience through our Undergraduate Research Project (URP).

  • Emma Morrison, Bridget Serpe, and My Nguyen

Types of Surveys for Sociology Research

Surveys are valuable research tools within sociology and are commonly used by social scientists for a wide variety of research projects. They are especially useful because they enable researchers to...

  • Social Surveys: Questionnaires, Interviews, and Telephone Polls
  • A brief overview of three types of survey methods

Sociological Research Designs, Methods

Most sociological research involves ethnography, or field work.. In case study research, an investigator studies an individual or small group of individuals with an unusual condition or situation.

  • Research with existing data, or secondary analysis

Home Sociology

Her project is titled Food security, labor migration, and natural resource use in rural South Africa. Hillary Steinberg has been awarded the inaugural Sociology Graduate Research Fellowship, a...

  • SOCY-1006: Social Construct of Sexuality
  • Department of Sociology, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Departmental Statement on Current and Past Racial Violence
  • Jose Sanchez, Jenn Tostlebe, David Pyrooz

Projects Department of Sociology

Supporting Research in Sociology. The Department of Sociology carries out a variety of research projects, through independent research grants and fellowships and through our research centres.

  • What makes dual career couples work? A longitudinal comparative mixed methods analysis
  • Trust, risk and uncertainty in medicinal transactions in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Life Course and Family Dynamics in a Comparative Perspective
  • DomesticAI: AI's potential to transform unpaid domestic work in the UK and Japan

Manza, Arum, Haney NYU Sociology Dept, Sociology Project, The

Sociology Project, The: Introducing the Sociological Imagination, 2nd Edition.. NEW | Updated research and data has been incorporated throughout, including new research on economic inequality...

  • Sociology Project, The: Introducing the Sociological Imagination, 2nd Edition
  • Inspire each students sociological imagination
  • Designed for the way todays Sociology students read, think, and learn.
  • The Sociology Project: Introducing the Sociological Imagination (Subscription), 2nd Edition

Research projects Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology

Home Our research Research projects.. These research projects are currently funded and underway in the department. You can also see a list of research projects where funding has ceased...

  • The Princes Countryside Fund: Livestock Auction Marts Research Project
  • From Field Data to Global Indicators: A Framework for intelligent Plant Data Linkage
  • Identity, Belonging and the Role of the Media in Brexit Britain
  • Digital Forensics in Policing in England and Wales: An Ethnographic Analysis of Current Practice

GCSE Sociology Research methods practical project

This pack includes everything you need to take your class through a practical research project as part of the AQA GCSE Sociology course. The idea is to allocate each group a research method for them...

  • GCSE Sociology Research methods practical project
  • AQA A level Sociology- Education: Streaming and setting with practice exam question
  • AQA A level Sociology- Education theory revision
  • Secondary KS4 PSHE RSE 2020 Curriculum + Planning

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