Social science research projects

Social Science Research Projects World AntiDoping Agency

The research projects funded by WADA, along with a summary of the research proposal, can be found below.. Social Psychology within the anti-doping area: baseline statistics and profiles of athletes attitude and knowledge Dr. Ingemar WEDMAN / International Doping Test Management...

  • Social change and doping decision-making: Building a conceptual framework and survey development
  • Enhancing Anti-Doping Education Interventions Using Framed Messages
  • Doping in Czech adolescents: Prevalence, correlates and experiences Jiri MUDRAK

Research projects Science area

Overview of projects since 2002, funded by the NWO-domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES), Science, Social Sciences and. The Dutch Research Council (NWO) funds top researchers, steers the course of Dutch science by means of research programmes and by managing the national...

  • CUSTOMIZE: Customer-driven prescriptive analytics for logistics planning
  • Neandertal Legacy. Contacts and interactions in Europe 40,000 years ago.
  • Exploiting the Empire of Others: Dutch Investment in Foreign Colonial Resources, 1570-1800
  • Children and Language Mixing: developmental, psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic aspects (CALM)

Social Sciences Programmes

Social Sciences Research Programmes present a range of research opportunities, shaped by a universitys particular expertise, facilities and resources. You will usually identify a suitable topic for your PhD and propose your own project. Additional training and development opportunities may also be...

  • Research Excellence Framework (REF) Results 2014
  • Meet the best students exhibit at one of our UK postgraduate fairs
  • UPDATE: COVID-19 - Advice for Postgraduate study

Institute for Social Science Research UMass Amherst

Our mission is to promote excellence in social science research across the University of Massachusetts Amherst.. It dedicates itself to strengthening the methods, data, and theoretical core of the social sciences in order to better understand societal problems and develop informed responses.

  • Funding Webinar | NSF-approved Formats for Biographical Sketch and Current Pending Support Documents
  • Funding | NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research
  • Seed Funding Call for Proposals | Labor Research and Action Network New Scholars Research Grants
  • ISSR Scholars | Join us in congratulating the 2020-2021 ISSR Scholars

Social Scientist Resume Samples Velvet Jobs

3+ years of experience with formulating research projects and instructing other social scientists and students on how to perform social science research. Experience with applied social scientific analysis and research. Experience with the Joint Operation Planning Process (JOPP).

  • Social Media Data Scientist Resume Examples Samples
  • Social Scientist Resume Examples Samples
  • Computational Social Scientist Resume Examples Samples
  • Senior Social Scientist Resume Examples Samples

Methods and Statistics in Social Science Final Research Project

The Final Research Project consists of a research study that you will perform in collaboration with fellow learners.. This is an invaluable experience if you want to be able to critically evaluate scientific research in the social and behavioral sciences or design and perform your own studies in the future.

  • Methods and Statistics in Social Science - Final Research Project
  • Preparing for Milestone 1 - Research topic
  • Milestone 1 - General hypothesis and design
  • Milestone 2 - Design, operationalizations and expectations

Writing a research proposal College of Social Sciences and

Before you write a research proposal, the best first step would be to provide a 500 word outline of your proposed research project. Forward this to any academic you feel would best suit your project you can find contact details for staff in the subject websites.

  • How long should a good research proposal be?
  • 6 steps to a successful research proposal
  • Independent critical thinking and analysis
  • A clear working title for your research project

IOSR Journal

International Organization of Scientific Research. Editors From 90+ Countries. Pointing your research in right direction.. The International Organization of Scientific Research (IOSR), an independent private organization. The IOSR provides support and services to education professionals and...

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