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Communication Research SAGE Publications Inc

Communication Research publishes articles that explore the processes, antecedents, and consequences of communication in a broad range of societal systems.

  • Important, In-Depth Research and Scholarship

Handbook of Research on Educational Communications Springer

The 4th edition of the Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology expands upon the previous 3 versions, providing a comprehensive update on research pertaining to...

  • Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology

Research on communication with completely paralyzed patients

Artinis Medical Systems/Brite. Research on communication with completely paralyzed patients. A research groups claimed ability to communicate with completely paralyzed people has come under...

  • Research on communication with completely paralyzed patients prompts misconduct investigation
  • European physicists boldly take small step toward 100-kilometer-long atom smasher
  • U.S. science groups wary of new Senate bills to curb foreign influences
  • Weve got to be able to move more quickly. The pandemic reality of COVID-19 clinical trials

New communication technologies' impact on Pew Research Center

This research was facilitated by a survey of 644 Georgetown undergraduates on their uses of various communication technologies, and especially the internet, in keeping connected with others.

  • New communication technologies impact on young adults
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Research USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

The Center on Communication Leadership Policy sponsors research and organizes courses, programs, and symposia for scholars, students, and working professionals to prepare the next...

  • A graduate conference committed to action
  • Faculty Focus: Research and Teaching Video Series
  • Ph.D. student links media, activism and civic engagement
  • Annenberg Research Network on International Communication

Communication Research International Conference Posts Facebook

Communication Research International Conference, Quezon City, Philippines.. The Philippine Association for Communication and Media Research, Inc. is inviting you to like its new Facebook...

  • Communication Research International Conference
  • Communication Research International Conference was live.

Handbook of Research on Next Generation Mobile Communication

His research interests include radio communications, wireless and satellite communications networks, spectrum and energy efficient techniques, mobile computing technologies, and the physical...

  • Handbook of Research on Next Generation Mobile Communication Systems
  • Table of Contents and List of Contributors

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